The Leeds University Business School represents over 50 undergraduate courses, supporting over 1,300 members from a range of disciplines, including Economics, Finance, Management, International Business, Marketing and a variety of joint honours courses.

The LUBS Society is the second largest departmental society at the University of Leeds.

Our social media and brand presences a big part of our identity, which spreads across many different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Hosting socials, trips in Europe, our annual ball, and our careers events allows our members to gain a number of transferable skills in their lives as business people and meet meet friends for life.

OUR GOALs 2020/2021

1.  Increase Membership uptake

2. Increase involvement in supporting the wider       community through charity

3. Increase Inclusivity for opportunities

4. Uphold accountability and professional standards


One Year Membership: £20

Lifetime Membership: £40

Second Year Lifetime Membership: £30



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Football and Netball members

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Meet the committee

Nepheli Marketou

Second Year BSc Business Management

As President my main focus is to ensure LUBS society continues to grow and thrive on campus and beyond, by constantly communicating not only with the university representatives, but also with local and global employers, identifying and creating opportunities for the society and its members. Leading and coordinating the committee’s 11 members is an extremely important part of the role, delegating responsibilities and supporting each committee member in their tasks. I compile agendas for the weekly committee meetings and attend university-wide executive assemblies on behalf of the society.

Charlotte Marriott
Second Year BA Business Management 

As General Secretary I am responsible for writing a monthly newsletter which informs all LUBS members of upcoming activities within the society. By working closely with the President, I endeavour to ensure that the committee works together efficiently, so that all of our LUBS events are enjoyable and a great success. My role involves writing agendas for weekly meetings, taking minutes and also carrying out risk assessments for each of the events we hold.

Katie Credland
Second Year BSc Accounting and Finance 

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Matthew Ford
Second Year BA Business Management

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As Events Secretary , I am responsible for the two biggest events that LUBS has to offer, the trip abroad and the ball! I have been working with  travel companies over summer in order to secure the best location and value for all of our members for this years trip. I’m also looking forward to organising the LUBS ball when term starts again by looking at different locations and entertainment to make the night even bigger and better than it was this year. I will be working very closely with the Publicity Secretary in order to create all the hype for our exciting events and socials.


My role in the committee is to organise all the socials throughout the year including Freshers, Halloween, a secret social, end of exams and more. The aim of the socials is to bring all of our members together, make them feel part of a community and make connections within the business school. As a part of my role I have regular meetings with events managers and strive to get the best possible experiences for our members.   Decorating venues, selling tickets and promoting events in lectures are also some of the elements of my position as social secretary.

Jessica Lanceley

Second Year BA Business Management

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Milena Poraj

Second Year BA Business Management 

My role as Marketing Secretary involves managing all forms of communication across the board to our fellow LUBS members and other stakeholders involved with our society. I monitor all social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Email to ensure all our exciting news and events are broadcasted to the correct audience. I work closely alongside the Design and Merchandiser, as we work on the website together. I use my marketing skills to not only promote our social events but academic ones too, this enables our members to be aware of the vast variety of fantastic opportunities we have on offer for them!


General Secretary 


Events Secretary

Social Secretary

Marketing, Publicity and Social Media Secretary

Career and Sponsorship Secretary 

Audrey Horne

Second Year BA Business Management and Marketing

My role as the careers and sponsorship secretary is central to the society’s academic element- which aims to provide members with opportunities to network professionally and build a promising career prospects. Over the year my responsibility is communicating and liaising with existing and potential sponsors, which range from multinational firms and local businesses, essentially building relationships that benefit our members.

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Career and Sponsorship Secretary 

Max Howland

Second Year BSc Business Economics

As the Design and Merchandise Secretary I work closely with the Publicity Secretary, coming up with creative and eye catching ways to market our socials and events. My role involves working with photoshop, Canva and other online design platforms, a great way for me to learn more about graphic design as my skills currently are more in practical art. From designing the freshers T-shirt’s to creating our website, these promotional materials will hopefully create a buzz within our society and give everyone the information they need to attend our exciting events.


My role as the careers and sponsorship secretary is central to the society’s academic element- which aims to provide members with opportunities to network professionally and build a promising career prospects. Over the year my responsibility is communicating and liaising with existing and potential sponsors, which range from multinational firms and local businesses, essentially building relationships that benefit our members.

Design and Merchanising Secretary 

Seval Kirisoglu

Second Year BSc Accounting and Finance 

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Male Sports Secretary 

Jamie Anwyl

Second Year BSc Business Management

I am responsible for the organization and management of all LUBS male sports teams, and work closely with the Female Sports Secretary to encourage participation in and hopeful success of LUBS sports. Some of my key responsibilities include the arrangement of trails for the teams and subsequent selection process, appointment of team captains, management of the teams on gamedays and organisation of team socials. I am also involved in more general society activities such as pre-event organisation and social ticket sales.

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Female Sports Secretary 

Polly Bannister

Second Year BSc Economics

My role as Female Sports Secretary involves organising netball trials in an inclusive and fun environment. I also arrange weekly fixtures within the university league for the two teams. Outside of this, it's my responsibility to host regular socials for the whole team to get to know each other.

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'LUBS Society is a great, inclusive society which has helped me to make lasting connections.'  

Victoria Eley

"As a LUBS member for the past few years, I would highly recommend joining this society to make the most of your uni experience! Of course the socials are a major appealing factor (who would say no to a free bar tab!) and are great for meeting other students from different years and courses. Not only does LUBS offer the opportunity to network with other students but also with a number of the leading graduate employers ( eg. PwC, Deloitte, Unilever, Procter and Gamble etc) as they organise many career events throughout the year. I have attended numerous informal networking events, interview workshops and it has been a great way to ask any questions and explore areas with the experts! I found these opportunities very beneficial when finding a work placement.'

Lucy Anderson 

My role as treasurer is comprised of supervising the society budget, overseeing the all of the sales income (membership fees, ticket sales and career events) and expenditure (sports teams and socials). As a result, I am required to devise an annual budget, forecast future costs and act as a partial relationship manager to a diverse range of firms. It’s a great responsibility and has helped develop my financial literacy.

'The LUBS Society has allowed me to improve my networking skills whilst being introduced to inspiring people in the business world.'  

Tom Kell

'LUBS has allowed me to take part in networking events which I found to improve my confidence when talking to professionals.'

Jess Mount

'LUBS made it easy to meet like minded people from my course. It helped with my University course work and socialising, as they host many popular events.'

Sarah Calderhead

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