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What we Offer

We offer a fantastic partnership programme asking for your assistance in providing our members with careers events, news and opportunities of the highest standard. 

We believe great value is derived from collaborating with us; the strength of the LUBS network is an exceptional tool in providing access to a large and enthusiastic membership base of University level students.

Our Platinum Sponsorship Package delivers considerable exposure to a passionate network of students looking to advance their career prospects and gain insights into the wider corporate environment through the opportunities you can provide.


Our impact is not only underpinned by our membership size or the variety of courses that we represent but by our social media following. Our brand presence is reinforced off-campus through a multitude of social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. Our Facebook pages currently have a combined following of over 5,600 students, meaning a partnership with LUBS will position your organisation at the forefront of business students' minds within a top-rated Russell Group Institution.

Negotiations and further discussions are welcomed by the society. 

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If you're interested in the opportunities that LUBS can provide for your organisation please contact:

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OUR 2021-22 sponsors

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Platinum: Brewin Dolphin

Brewin Dolphin is one of the UK’s leading Wealth Management firms, providing bespoke investment management and financial planning solutions. Their values of ‘ genuine, expert and ambitious ‘ closely align with our own alongside their commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive company culture that upholds their promise of being an equal opportunity employer.


We believe they will be an invaluable asset to LUBS’ diverse community due to their practical approach in developing professional competence, as well as the interpersonal skills most highly valued in today’s competitive job market. 


With expertise ranging from Investment Management to Operational Risk Management and Marketing Communications, we are confident that this pairing will allow our members to prepare for internship and grad schemes applications.

This year we aim to work closely alongside the team at Brewin Dolphin to provide the highest standard of career-based events that allow for professional development and the enhancement of your own personal brand. The importance of personal branding is ever-increasing; this is an area that we hope to emphasise over the 2020/21 academic year with the help of Brewin Dolphin’s understanding of the recruitment process. 

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Gold: The huT group

THG (The Hut Group) is a global,  consumer brand and technology group pre-eminent in Beauty and Wellness. It is home to premium brands such as lookfantastic, Myprotein, and ESPA; all of which are powered by their industry-leading and award-winning technology platform, THG Ingenuity. Their successful portfolio of brands is testimony to their evolving approach to achieving global brand growth and dominance in beauty, nutrition, luxury and lifestyle. 


As a top employer, we believe that their knowledge of the recruitment process can reap significant benefits for our members in preparing for graduate schemes, internships and placements. They offer graduate positions in sectors ranging from Marketing and ECommerce to Software Engineering and Global Logistics, giving them a peripheral understanding of the current economic environment as well as the skills valued most highly by employers.


Their brands have a truly global reach, retailing in 169 countries and dispatching more than 60 million products to customers from across the world. Similarly to LUBS they pride themselves in their diversity, with over 7,000 employees who represent 108 nationalities. The company has offices spanning globally located in 11 cities across the world, but are headquartered in Manchester where state of the art technology is being utilised to increase their capacity and optimise creativity and innovation.


In 2020/21 THG are keen to maintain and strengthen their relationship with LUBS to continue supporting the society, engaging with members both off-campus and on campus, and continue to hire fantastic graduate talent from The University of Leeds. We are confident that THG’s cross-sector expertise can provide networking and careers opportunities of the highest standard and we are excited to continue our partnership this academic year.


To find out more about our Gold sponsor please visit:


Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500. We equip business leaders with indispensable insights, advice and tools to achieve their mission-critical priorities today and build the successful organisations of tomorrow.

Gartner’s trusted objectivity, independence and buyer-focused research helps bridge the gap between small-to-midsize business buyers and the software vendors eager to reach that audience. Their services are trusted by more than 15,000 enterprises across over 100 countries giving them insights to every industry and enterprise size.

Gartner’s use of leading technology research provides business executives with the data and tools needed to fuel the future of business in an increasingly digital global economy. This allows them to offer strategic advice focused on issues and opportunities as well as practical tools due to their diagnostics that cover more than 45 functional areas across the enterprise.

Over the course of the academic year, our members will be able to connect with Pash Selopal, University Recruiter at Gartner, Inc. to understand more about the opportunities on offer, gain exclusive insight into the recruitment process, and learn more about the skills you need for success in a consultative B2B selling environment.

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To find out more about our Silver sponsor please visit: